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? is it the ownership? is it jim zorn? does the head coach become an unemployment statistic this week? all of these questions will be asked this week. we'll start with the last question. does jim zorn lose his job? >> not right now. according to a team source, they said the organization is not expected to make any moves according to a team source. they are not making any moves with jim zorn yet. the fans aren't the only ones questioning the redskins. the hall of fame running back mcrig gins is bringing in the heat. he twittered the following -- there are team issues for sure and individual issuers for sure but the ultimate owner is a loser and you can't fix that. the redskins are 1-2 after losing to a team that had been 0-19. lions quarterback matthew stafford throws like a old timer. carlos rogers gets beat on the play and stafford led the play and they are up. skins down 19-14. last chance on the 36 yard line and the pass is completed to santanna moss and then, this rarely works. they need a touchdown and they don't get it. lyons beat the redskins, 19-14, the first win for detroit since
the metro area. >> noted in the temperature out at redskin park. oh, mike, jim zorn is feeling the heat. oh, mike, jim zorn is feeling the heat. the redskins tried to virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smar
scampers 37 yards for the touchdown to put the giants up 17-0. they win 23-17. jim zorn wants an explanation. dave ross has one from jersey. >> another year, another loss and another case of history repeating in the meadowlands. last year the redskins fell behind 16-0. this year 17-0. in both cases, the deficit was too big to dig out of. >> it's very tough, especially playing against a team like the giants. you know, 17-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. 16-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. but we found a way to get back into the game so we've got to some way, somehow keep those leads early in the game at a minimum. >> i like more victories, you know what i'm saying. i take it for what it is. we got beat. we wasn't the better team. we have to show ourselves something on film what we can be. >> the good thing like the giants, you don't want to give them anything. we knew it would be tough coming in playing the opening game of the season. when you dig a hole and spot them 17 points, but we felt good about ourselves at the halftime being we got back in the game. sort of
about including jim zorn's job security after the skins fell to the lions who haven't won since 2007. we'll show you one critical play from today's game. just over 6 minutes left in the game. lions lead 13-7. matthew stafford rolled lefty fires deep for bryant johnson in the end zone. pay attention to defender chris horton he makes contact. the referee throws a flag he's called for pass interference. horton can't believe it he wants an explanation. jim zorn not happy with that call either. that play led to the lions' game winning touchdown. the redskins fall to the lions 19-14 ending the lions' 19-game losing street. >> i think our guys played hard, no question our guys really have a lot of heart, and i just -- i know we're given everything we got out there. it will be things that we look at will be small issues that we cannot overlook. and we won't. >> reporter: it's back to the grind tomorrow for the redskins we will break this game down even more and hear from the players in geico sports extra in a few minutes. >> what a big disappointment for redskins fans. what should have been
are in over their heads, me included, and there are a lot of fans and pundits talking about jim zorn. his play call for this third down, halfback option, this sunday, and the disagreement between jim zorn and sunny jorgensen at about it. to me, it shows that the redskins did not have confidence in jason campbell. this afternoon, jason campbell was asked about the plight call. >> -- with the play call. >> whether you agree with it or not, it is about you have to execute the play. it is a play that if we hit it, everyone is calling him a hero. if you do not, you are the go. we have coached -- we have talked to coach zorn, and there are games where we will always want some things back. we have to move on and learn. >> a fan favorite on the team is rock cartwright, team captain. he keeps plugging away, almost exclusively on special teams. the redskins signed another running back, anthony aldridge. now it is crowded, and core rate is frustrated. -- and rock cartwright is fresh. . >> i just work here. we could have six running backs on the roster. it is what it is. i just work hard every day. >>> mi
team in all of football. i'm craig melvin. the hot seat jim zorn was on got hotter this afternoon. redskins nation watched in disbelief as campbell and company could not generate enough offense to beat the lowly lions. league's laughing stock. no way to overstate just how bad this is for the redskins. >> it's sheer disbelief for redskins nation because i think that everybody knew that we needed to beat this team or they said, we fwheed a win. there's this big problem. the nightmare is over for detroit. the nightmare just beginning for the redskins. the lowly lions that lost 19 straight games experienced a dream come true today. winning their first game since 2007. we're in detroit. this is where ma that you stafford had a huge late game. staff ford, a perfect pass to bryant johnson for a 21-yard touchdown. stafford led the lines on a 12-play, 99 yard drive. detroit, 13-0 at the half. santanna moss gets it back to antwaan randle el and that's it. the lyons beat the redskins, 19-14, their first win since 2007. jim zorn, do you have an explanation? >> i never really thought about the
can. thanks, bob. >>> we'll hear from congressman joe wilson, coming up. >>> and jim zorn says >>> saturday night we'll be talking redskins football. the good, the bad, and the ugly. it's "redskins showtime." >>> we're talking baseball tonight. this was a good game, huh? >> it was a great game. looked like the nats were going to cruise to a victory. i was prepared to talk about everything besides the game tonight. positives to take out, stephen strosberg was signed. that's a good sign. the new accusation played better than expected and ryan zimmerman getting a long time contract. zimmerman with the 30th home run. they just barely beat the mets. let's go to citifield. naxales getting on the board quickly. zimmerman getting ahold of what barely clears the wall. counts for a home run. hits the 30th for the year, a career high. ian make as great play. look at the throw. too tall for even adam dunn. a run scored. the nationals cling to a one-run lead. jeff francoeur up the middle. loses the ball. tries to get to first. he does with the lollipop throw. take a look. he's lucky he was
. jim zorn, year 2, having to go to the meadowlands, said his team was way ahead of where it was last year. jason campbell, now it's time to play football. skins first possession, first play, clinton portis, 34 yards left side, all the way to the giants' 37. hey, this is going to be a good game. portis, 16 carries for 62 yards. next play, not so much. some trickery that falls short. antwaan randle el on the reverse gets sacked for minus 11 yards. the skins would have to punt. second quarter, giants going for it on 4th and 1. brandon jacobs stopped by albert haynesworth. haynesworth shaken up but he would be all right. 2nd quarter, santana moss and cory webster go at it. both receive unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for this face mask debacle and santana ends up on his back side with five guys in blue on him. mario manningham gets the ball. deangelo hall, no. 30 yards for his first career touchdown. 10-0 giants. jim zorn, what's going on, jason campbell? i'm not sure. still in the first half, jason campbell finds antwaan randle el. antwaan randle el had a really nice game and he was o
at the bust of jim graham. >>> and redskins coach jim zorn under fire after the defeat in detroit. but some are blaming others higher up te chain, we'll have more next at 10. >>> shawn, i think you will be surprised when you step out there in the morning. it is getting chilly out there we're headed for the 40s in a lot of places overnight. how is the rest of the week looking? we'll have the forecast coming up. >>> keep it here, this is the power block, just a little bit and this is just the rest of the hour, right? and then we have a half terthat started more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u
at 7:00 and followed by the jim zorn show at 7:30. >>> down a few levels to high school. last night rolled over friendship collegiate. michael merriweather looking good saying get out of my way. 45-12. in sue land kelly takes tonight from 20 yards out. suitland shuts out northwestern 21-0. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >>> if youre heading out to the redskins home opener there are some things you should know whether you are taking the train or driving. metro promises to have more trains running for fans and that includes those traveling from morgan boulevard on the blue line and from the landover metro rail stations. those that choose to drive will have to deal with new game day rules. start thing sunday tailgaters face restrictions on where they can party during the hours leading up to kickoff. nontailgaters will get to park in the front of their designated loand tailgaters who need more than one parking space will be shuttled to the park. and some fans aren't happy about those changes. >> tailgating has been the most fun part of the g
. pro football hall of famer calling out the redskins and jim zorn' play calling. wait till you get a load of this. also ahead, tim tebow, colt mccoy, early frontrunners, but hear who else is contending. todd mcshay, his other top five heisman players coming back. ( music plays, tape rips ) ( doorbell rings ) you're a pizza delivery guy? well come on in, man! what you waiting on? ( celebrating ) mouthwatering toppings, fresh-baked pizzeria taste. i like to think i deliver more than just pizza. for fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. john: hey, welcome back to "sportscenter." i'm john buccigross. chris mckendry by my side on this live "sportscenter." tigers began with a three-game loss column lead. look at this defense by the indians. it was valbuena with the glove. cabrera, 4-6-3. bottom of the second. first and second, tigers trying to put this thing away in the a.l. central. trevor crowe singles in matt la porta, or does he? you are out! watch it again. great effort there by ryan rayburn, the throw and gerald laird with the nice tag. all right. edwin ja
better today. there's a lot of things that are really positive. >> reporter: jim zorn feeling good for the most part about his team's performance but says he has plenty to reevaluate. all the highlights coming up later in sports, craig? >> we'll be back in a few minutes. >>> tailgaters at fedex were met with some new rules today. the redskins that changed their policy on where fans tailgate. as derrick ward reports, fans are giving the new rules mixed reviews. >> reporter: a rule of thumb. the bigger you party the closer to the back of the lot you'll be placed. how do fans feel? go redskins. >> that depends on who you ask. for some biger is better there's not much change. buses and motor homes have always had space. but what about those in cars or suvs? for some there's strength in numbers. >> the tailgate runs from 100 to 300 people. so with a group of our size it's easier. >> reporter: but it's those that may use one or two spaces that under the new rules are placed at the back of the lot now matter how early they arrive. many used to come early just to get those prime spaces. >>
after the game is over. if it's empty, that was a complete victory. a multifaceted agenda for jim zorn tonight. get some work for the starters, keep everybody safe. that's a live picture from jacksonville. the kicker getting warm. will he win the job or will it be reigner? that's one of the things e up f grabs tonight. sports is after this. blainb@. >>> phs time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> all right, two goals for jim zorn tonight, to make his final evaluations on the bubble guys before tomorrow's cuts. get the starters in and out of the game without a hangnail so everybody is fit for next sunday when it matters. sara walsh is with the team live in jacksonville and sarah, some roster spots up for grabs and starting jobs up for grabs as well. >> reporter: that's right, we know the starters aren't going to play much, but what about those guys trying to make their way into that lineup? there are receivers that fit into that category. jim zorn said that number two receiving spot up for grabs and no one has claimed it. southern says antwon randle el has done
. >>> tourists do double-takes of city land marks as the first family goes sightseeing. >>> in sports, jim zorn says he understands why fans are upset with the way the team is playing. he feels our pain. >>> it's 11:24. is there anything else left to say about that sorry, miserable, stink up the joint performance? should i stop now. >> yeah. >> you know what's interesting, and you hear this all the time, coaches, players, say they don't watch tv or listen to radio or read papers. today's "the new york times" said it's a good thing. i could tell from you being in the locker room, the redskins' players talked a lot about needing to determine a team identity and every player asked said they don't feel that jim zorn lost the locker room. for jim zorn, on the other hand, he said it's all about executing the details. his plan is to show players what happened, make the changes that are necessary and the one thing he will not do is let himself react to tr react to the scrutiny and buzz of his job in question. >> i know it's frustrating and i know the fans are passionate. i'm okay -- i'm gat with that.
is the problem with jim zorn and the washington redskins. they have no identity. we don't know what this team is. are they a running team in are they a passing team in are they a fin is team in are they a power team? we don't know. they tried on to republican a stretch play which is kind of a tomfoolery plea of -- play. right now, they are a cute team and trying to do things in a clever way and it is not working. >> that was the joe gibbs footbit right up the middle. >> you know what is coming but joe gibbs went to two playoffs in four years when he was here in d.c. >> what has to change, dave? >> we have some lousy teams coming up. it is a good chance to get some wins. >> already lost to one of those lousy teams. >> you got more coming up. >> somebody has to take the bull by the horn out at redskins park. don't care if it is jason campbell, clinton portis or jim zorn. somebody needs to look at these guys and say hey, you're better than what you are showing on the field today. go change t how good do you want this team to be? it is your team. do something about it? this team has go to step up a
be successful. jim zorn says this team has a t o so far as a replacement. >> don't know who's going to fill that position right at the moment. we'll know more as we go along. it may not be decided upon with the guys that are here until game time. we may try a couple scenarios. >> reporter: and one of those scenarios could be a couple of guys, rotating, filling that role. guys like will montgomery who went in for him in that game and also could be the true backup chad rinehart or to go outside of the organization but bottom line they have a lot to do before next sunday's game in detroit against the lions. >> lindsay, we'll see you in a few minutes, tnk you. >>> coming up on our broadcast this evening, three men accused lying to federal authorities in a terrorism investigation appeared in court late this afternoon. >>> we have new information tonight about a man accused killing four people found dead at a home of a virginia college professor. >>> a school bus carrying more than a dozen students crashed into a pond today. >>> and we'll report on the shuttle "discovery's" trip home >>> three m
morning. >> chuck bell, thank you, appreciate. >>> it coming up in sports, oh, jim zorn. jim zorn, jim zorn. there he is on the sidelines today jumping up and down. perhaps he's jumping up >>> one can only imagine on what's going to said on all the sports radio stations. although shows. >> a blogosphere alert. >> i'm sure people are calling in and getting in line to voice their opinion. >>> losing to a team who went 0 for 2008 is an embarrassment. now redskins nation is calling for jim zorn's job in an effort to salvage a season that began to unravel last week. albert haynesworth said -- it don't matter in joe gibbs was here. for now jim zorn's job is safe. according to a source, the organition is not expected to make any moves. jim zorn here looking like he needs a hug. very first redskins po sgs on fourth and one, clinton portis gets the handoff and runs left and he stops. a blown opportunity in the red zone. the skints 2 for 9 inside the led zone at that point. ensuing lines possession. it's third and 13 at the 42 yard line. roie quarterback, matthew stafford can't find anyone open
beauty is a lot more than a nice head of hair. >>> and in sports, lindsey has jim zorn's reaction to special teams coach danny smith's antics yesterday. with online cash manager, you can do it all. suntrust. live solid. bank solid. with online cash manager, you can be where the action is. suntrust. live solid. bank solid. >>> so we moved on from redskins rough day yesterday. we're talking about a whole other game tonight. >> current nfl. "monday night football," and it was an exciting game so far. colts were playing the miami dolphins down in miami for the first time. this camera's better -- since the super bowl back in 2007. put it this way, the colts kicked things off with a highlight worthy of a super bowl performance. back down in miami. peyton manning, this guy can just make things happen. talk about it, first play of the game. manning executes a perfect play fake. deep to the middle, alex clark breaks one tackle and gone. 80 yards for the touchdown. colts up 7-0. it was manning's longest completion since 2005. dolphins will answer with the wild cat formation. ronnie brown
next. >>> i'm brett haber at redskins park where jim zorn and players are doing their best to tune out the noise about job security and about the possibility of a lost season. their comments coming up. >>> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we will take you out with the pollen count. we got a break today. click on the weather tab at and follow the drop- down menu to allergy update. once we get through the first frost all we have to worry about is mold. we will worry about the weekend forecast after this. pepto-bismol. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. yeah, my buddy's got all that. ouch. we've done corn dogs, pizza, and nachos. put it down. [ moans ] dude! pepto guy: sorry to hear that. everything ok? no, we are a little strapped for cash. do we need to buy a bunch of different medicines? pepto guy: oh, no, pepto alone relieves all five symptoms. it's a real value. plus gas too. dude. we're covered. you guys enjoy the game. easy. pepto guy: pepto-bismol. yup, you're covered. >>> john travolta returned to the witness stand today in a bahamas courtroom and t
and already the hot seat. what jim zorn's players think about the heat that their coach is feeling. plus, a capitol legend saying farewell. there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about. >>> it is time for 9 sports with brett haber. >> jim zorn is the one on the hot seat and it has everything to do with the redskins are not doing in the red zone. in the first two games the skins have been inside the opponent's 20-yard line. all they have managed is two touchdowns. his play calling has been called into question by both fans and media alike but as the team returned to practice today the players remained squarely behind their boss. >> i think
with a bad calf. and jim zorn says he is very concerned because he believes rogers really needs the rest. jim zorn didn't look concerned, but he admits he doesn't like this time of year where he has to cut some of the players. daniels, and others considered a long shot. brennan still has the upper hand. by saturday, 22 players will have to be cut. part of the job greg blotch doesn't enjoy either. >> for some guys this is their last chance. they will go on to selling insurance or working at wal- mart or do whatever the heck it is, use the degrees, whatever, teaching school. but it is the end of the rope for them. but for some guys it is the end of the dream. >> a group still going on at the kicking competition. battling dave rainer, completed 25-yard field goal. only attempt on friday from 52 yards out. last year his 26 for 36 ranked near the bottom of the league. today one six for seven, one better than rainer, and one kicker has to go. >> it is practice, i atrying to get ready for the season. i feel great. hit the ball well, i feel like. disappointed i missed the kick. the opportunity to kic
feldman, jim zorn is looking at the situation with webster, and the late hit on jacobs. said rogers, that is how we lay, physical tough ball, we're just not going to be no punks. and how about the skins debut. the 100 million man, albert haynesworth, double teamed for most of the game, credited with a tackle for loss. looked tired, didn't play in the preseason. only played a 16-game preseason once. so? >> i wish he would play 100% at the time. he weighs 340, a load, moving that much can take it out of you. i think he -- we'll figure that out a little bit more as we go along. but i was not displeased with the type of play he had on the field. and really the amount. >> the redskins found the end zone twice yesterday, coming from an unlikely source. smith takes off on the fake. no sprinter but he does get in untouched eight yards, second career touchdown, first, jim zorn with the signal. >> and i was firing pretty did for good for a guy with some mileage on him, getting around the corner. thankfully the guys chasing me were bigger players so i could get around them. >> and tom brady
know there's a change at the redskins park. we don't know exactly what the change will be. jim zorn will decide on the replacement tomorrow. will montgomery or chad reinhardt will be the replacement. the redskins not choosing from a horn of plenty. montgomery is the more experienced of the two. he's started six games during his career. he's been an under dog since he walked on at virginia tech. chad reinhardt, his nfl experience, known. joe is fond of both guys. >> i have great respect for both those kids. i was surprised with will montgomery. he can play left and right guard. that's why he made the squad. chad, we wanted in one position. reinhardt had the first chance of being there. he played real good. when randy got healthy, he was a starter. either one of those kids, we won't lose a beat. they are both good players. >> the deal is jim zorn is going to decide before practice which guy is going to start. >> they need to make some kind of decision. >> they waited until the last minute. hopefully, they feel comfortable when they make one. >> the puck drops in exactly one week. toni
in jeopardy. kirk herbstreit on how u.s.c.'s issue at quarterback will affect their run at a title. jim zorn is called out during a live interview after last sunday's game. we have details. >> garcon makes the catch. there goes garcon. the sheriff gets his man again. >> he made colts history last night but is peyton manning the number one quarterback of the super bowl era? we will find out up next. ( conversation ) garth, you're up. hold on, i'm at picking a photo... for my credit card. here's one from my prom. oh, what memories. how 'bout one from our golf outing? ( shouting ) i know, maybe one of my first-born son. dad, mom says the boys gotta go. personalize your card by uploading... your own photo at what's in your wallet? ♪ introducing bud light lime in cans. - ♪ shoot up the station... - the great taste of bud light lime - now goes wherever you need it to. - ♪ tv's dead ♪ where's there to run? darlin', don't got to worry ♪ - ♪ you're locked in tight - only the superior taste of bud light lime, with a refreshing splash of one hundred percent na
is another story behind gn-waving man in tysons corner. jim zorn sits down for a one-on-one. d swine flu seice, tracking the swine flu just got high tech. >>> but first, ware going to start the half hour with an innovative way to stop the spread of swine flu at a local college camp. with school back into session around the nation, the topic of swine flu is on the mines of many. earlier there were three cases at an ame ricanuniversity. udents are entering their fall smester. they are learning how to keep e ademics going suld there be a pandemic. ne watrel joinsus. >> reporter: au had to shut down a day or two because of bad weather. they are preparing their faculty to teach virtually should swine flu cause classes to empty out. they are among t most vur the influenzavirus. college students wh study and soci in close rs, playing them at risk for the h1n1 virus known as swine flu. >> there have been minimal deaths. it shoul't be too big of a deal. >> reporter: sne flu is tuing out tbe a big deal on many college campuses. alreadthere have been oureaks in wake forest university where 80 cases
for the lions game. portis struggling with bone burs in both ankles. jim zorn says c.p. will be on the field sunday. portis will be running behind the right guard that has never played before. chad will get the start and suit up for his first nfl game. high school football. game of the week. lovely sandy spring, maryland. the warriors shut out the colonels. they extend their winning streak to 18 games. they came out strong. very first possession. taking the inside handoff. finds open space and cuts it back right about here. and 59-yard touchdown. sherwood shuts out magruder 10-0. hop in the car and take a trip to prince orchard. kugers busted through their banner and taking on northwest. doing some damage. scores the touchdown. 33 carries, 2 50 53 yards, 3 touchdowns. just another day at the office for big ben. 37-15. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >> 61 degrees. do it yourself can be intimidating white comes to you car but you don't have to empty your bank account whenever that check engine light comes on. we will show you a device that claims t
people wondering if jim zorn has lost the team. also, gilbert arenas says say good-bye to agent zero and hibachi and up on the nascar track in dover, run rookie goes fo the ride of his life as if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >>> through all the misery there was here in washingtonier, there was one person that i noted was really happy about what happened yesterday. did you see that sideline shot of jon jansen on the sidelines? he was so jacked up about that game he didn't know what to do because he was not a happy camper when he left here, was he? >> he wasn
this discouraged. >> struggling. not playing well offensively or defensively. jim zorn certainly feeling the heat. and it doesn't stop there. up next we'll tell you one unit that had a lot to do with sunday's loss and what they're saying about an attitude change. and speaking of change, gilbert arenas is a changed man. we'll explain next in sports. çç looking to save more? use your giant card and get double the number of deals, like dannon yogurt, a weekly special, 20 for $8. pepperidge farm goldfish, a multiweek real deal, 5 for $10, and other great deals. enjoy more savings, only with your giant card. want more for your money? use your giant card and get double the number of deals. like stouffer's entrees, a weekly special, 5 for $10. hi-c drink boxes, 10-pack, a multiweek real deal, just $1.88. and other great deals. enjoy more savings, only with your giant card. >>> and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> easy to direct criticism at jim zorn and jason campbell. the coach and quarterback. and until the offense scores more, they'll continue to be under fire. zorn spent the day fielding
the battle at right guard has taken center stage at redskins park. today jim zorn made his decision. the player they chose won't have to look behind his back. it's official. chad reinhart will be the starting right guard come sunday in detroit. the second-year pro will be making his first n.f.l. start replacing randy thomas who is out for the remainder of the season. while his campaign was a frustrating one, he's eager to show what he can do given the opportunity. >> last year was frustrating being a four-year starter and then coming in and not even getting a chance to play one rep this year and coming into this year, everything i've done this year is to become a starter. right now is my opportunity to show them. >> he bit out will montgomery to earn the starting nod against the lions. although jim zorn won't have to look behind his back, jew biewgle doesn't -- joe bugel doesn't want his new man to get too comfortable in his zone. >> don't make him comfortable. make him vie for that position every week. >> to the college ranks. tomorrow the terps will host rutgers at 3:30. right now
' corner takes more than his share of the blame for yesterday's loss. also jim zorn grades out the performance of qrterback jason campbell and you have to see this one of the redskins' touchdown government a very unlikely source. >>> a look at some of the stories making headlines tonight. >>> president obama says big bankers and investors cannot expect another billout if high-risk behavior leads to another financial crisis. speaking on wall strt today, he urged congress to pass legislation with stricter regulations. he also wants to create a financial protection agency to enforce the rules. >>> police in arlington, virginia, are asking help finding a man who attacked a woman on her way to work with what was apparently a stun gun. it happened earlier yesterday on north quincy street. the woman told police she was walking by a bus stop when a man tried to stun her and grabbed her by the neck. she fought him off and she got away and was not injured. >>> a body found in the wall of a medical building at yale university has been identified as that of a missing graduate student. the
in a long time. a little good, a little bad. coach jim zorn has a plan to get offense spiced up a little bit. an unpleasant memory from last season serves as motivation against the rams. free. and it's o >>> it was awful. absolutely awful what happened last year when we came up on the rams game. what were we 4-2 at this point? >> 4-1. everybody said, here we go. >> my goodness, the wheels came off. >> that was the beginning of a downward spiral on the season. they won the next two, but things weren't the same. if you do remember last year, you'll remember that 4-1 record. they weren't just talking playoffs, there was super bowl talk everywhere. jason campbell, santana moss and clinton portis were among the league leaders in their respective positions. rams came to town and redskins did what we thought was impossible. they lost due to mainly three costly turnovers. it's been a hot topic of conversation all week. one play etched in the mind is late in the first half last year's game. pete kendall gets it and pete fumbles it. the rams go 75 yards for the touchdown. they took the lead and gain m
. >>> coming up in sports, peyton manning has a special guest prowling the sidelines. jim zorn defends his call against a hall of fame quarterback. the redskins' biggest twitter offender. >>> president obama is shifting his focus to foreign policy as he speaks to the united nations. today mr. obama focused on climate change and middle east peace. michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: in his first presidential visit to the united nations, president barack obama told world leaders that a high-level climate summit the u.s. is renewing its commitment to combat global warming. >> we understand the gravity of the climate threat. we are determined to act and we will meet our responsibility to future generations. >> reporter: the president urged other nations to act together to find bold and swift clean energy solutions despite financial challenges and differences. >> no nation however large or small, healthy or poor can escape the impact of climate change. >> reporter: the remarks come the day before he addresses hundreds of heads of state gathering in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. the
status with the nationals. albert haynesworth not worried about tackling brandon jacobs. jim zorn named his number two wide receiver. >>> stephen farrell is a "new york times" journalist. saturday he was taken captive while at work in afghanistan. this morning farrell was rescued during what's described as a daring raid by british commandos. while the raid saved farrell, five other people were killed. michael flynn has our report. >> reporter: "the new york times" confirms that stephen farrell, one of the paper's veteran war reporters was rescued early this morning after a helicopter raid by british commandos. the operation to free farrell began just afteridnight at a taliban hideout in northern afghanistan, an suv nearby with windows blasted out is evidence of the heavy gun fire that took place. on "the times" website, farrell was saying we were all in a room. we thought they would kill us. we thought should we go out? there were bullets all around us. i could hear british and afghan voices. once the shooting began, he and his translator ran. the translator was shot and killed. his tal
to be done about him. >> reporter: we heard about coach jim zorn and there are a lot more opinions about that today. let's hear what some people had to say. >> disappointed but i'm not surprised. it seems like the team hasn't been able to do anything productive all season. i'm wondering about the play calling. >> it is not great to boo the team. i don't like it. but it is like the fans sending a message saying come on, we can't keep doing the same thing year after year. >> reporter: you know, last week, when we won, the "washington post" hay very clever and popular headline. t was the agony of victory. check this out, folks. fail to the redskins, oh, the misery. back to you. >> all right. much more on this. coming up throughout the morning unfortunately. we do have another big story to talk b a close call ate shopping center in prince george's county where firefighters say the natural gas levels at the penmar shopping center in forestville were so high there could have been another explosion. it is not the first time this has happened. this one in may, nine firefighters were hurt there.
by the giants' osi uneniora. umenyiora and the giants would beat the redskins. but jim zorn said there is no chance you could blame this loss all on just jason campbell. >> i don't think it's just him. it's important for our football team to win, to beat this new york team. it's it's just something that we wanted to do yesterday. we wanted to do it when we the chance and i guess i'm glad that we had that chance but i wouldn't put it all on one guy. i mean i want to as well. i haven't won yet either. >> reporter: so the redskins, i'll say that they've -- does sting more. the candidates were very cand bit that and you'll hear more about that coming up later in sports. guys? >> all right, we'll check back in a bit, lindsay, thanks so much. so now that the redskins have begun the season with a loss, are fans throwing in the towel yet? too early, huh. chris gordon went around town to get the pulse of the redskins fans. hi, chris. >> reporter: good evening. the worst thing that a redskin fan can see or hear today is that it looks like the team is picking up where it left off last seaso
jim zorn about the team. >> they have a young qb and he has tremendous talent. it takes longer. >> we're desperate for a win. >> jim -- [ indiscernible ] good point. i bet you wonder when the lions won again. week 16 of the 2007 season. since then, the lions lost 19 in a row. the redskins are well aware of the losing strike and -- streak and don't want to talk about it. >> you can't discuss that. it's -- not an -- an nfl team to play. the record, it doesn't matter. you can't focus on that. when you do, that is when you become a team. >> i think any team's dangerous. whether they're 0-no one the past few seasons or they're 19- 0, their nfl team, we have to respect them, they're talented, we're talented andave to be on our a game. >> former caps goal tender kolzig is calling it a career. he is retiring after 14 seasons in the nhl and 13 of which were spent in washington. he retires with games played, 711, wins 301 and 35 shutouts, a two-time all-star. the caps are back in action against the blackhawks tonight and we'll have the highlights on the fox 5 news at 11. brian. >> thanks. now y
are talking with jim shanahan. jim zorn has to find a way to fix the mistakes the redskins made with detroit. he has to execute his game plan. >> i do not need to guilt and a bunch of men to say, come on, let's go. i do not need to try to play a psychological game. >> you saw albert haynes' fourth get hurt on sunday. he left the stadium on a car. paine's fourth had an mri done. jim zorn said he should be able to play on sunday. the nationals park beat the mets last night to-one. there is your look at sports. >> thank you. >>> michelle steele looks at how things are shaping up this morning. >> good morning. we have come a long way since last year. a lot of talk today about what happened a year go. we have the biggest one-day point drop on the dow ever. the house voted down the multi- billion dollar emergency rescue passage -- package. things are looking a lot stable on wall street. stock futures are pointing to a slightly lower open. stocks in europe are basically tracking those futures lower. in asia, we had a higher close. investors will be getting some fresh data on some crucial parts of t
running the ball. jim zorn planned to fix that this week. plus the glut of guards at wizards camp. dave owens down in richmond today. his report is coming up in sports. you wanted more. u waed videos and phos... ail and brdband. you wanted to ruyour buss from anywhere... and stanmessa#g stay in h everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way hom ok yo wireless mpanies... grow your world. >>> it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> here is a question that has redskins fans scratching their heads. if you have a running back who rushed for 1500 yards last year why is he getting the ball just 15 times per game? and the answer is we have no idea. the question speaks to the fundamental identity crisis that exists with the redskins offense namely that jim zorn is using a west coast scheme in a run first division. portis carried the ball just 12 times this past sunday but as the team returned to practice today zorn admitted that number has got to rise. >> we are not going to become groundchuck or ground gym but we are going to run the ball. >> it is on
jim zorn and sonny jergenson. plus who has been stealing this man's golf balls. the answer in 9 sports. >>> it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> redskins fans don't boo just because the team is playing poorly. we've seen that before. they boo because they're ex aspirated. tired of see -- ex aspirated. it all came boiling over yesterday. a shower of boos for the redskins as they left the field both at half time and at the end of the game as the fans expressed their frustration against an offense against maybe the worst team in all of football and the players heard those boos loud and clear. >> i can understand the frustration. but don't let your frustration take away from the win. it could have went the other way. >> maybe they wanted to see more points. maybe they wanted us to keep pounding the rams. we got a win. that's what we wanted to do. >> rookie linebacker was not so wise about his comments. he called the fans dim wits. he apologized today realizing he has yet to be active in the first two games and probably ought to shut his mouth. meanwhile if y
a losing record on the young season, it could cost coach jim zorn his job. we're talking with the junkies from 106.7 the fan. >>> and coming up, he's the best-selling author behind the notebook. now nicholas sparks with out with a new release and he'll join us to talk the last song coming up. >>> and in the 9:00 hour, role and martin joins us to weigh in on the news of the day and talk about his new sunday morning talk show. >>> now here is my question, are we speculating about coach zorn? >> that is speculation. dan snyder is not saying if you don't win you are fired. >> just wanted to make it clear. >> good guess this morning. hang in there and stay with us. >>> gwen tolbert is in for tucker barnes. and we have some rain showers. >> don't blame me. everybody is going not again. it comes with the turf when we get that streaming moisture from the gulf. that's what happens. and yes, we have the humidity. take a look at max hd. we have widespread rain showers across the area. now some very light and some of the pockets heavier as you can see. into manassas and south of waldorf, some of that
. zim zorn -- jim zorn suffer ada 16-7 loss last year. what kind of motivational speech does the second-year head coach have pressured before sunday's kickoff? >> -- have planned before sunday's kickoff. >> i don't know -- if they're all frothy and that kind of stuff. but, i hope to -- they're men. they're pros, so i hope i don't have to say a lot to get them ready to play. they should be fired up. it's a conference game, the first game, you know, it's a tremendous opponent and them be requiring to go. -- rearing to go. they like to play football. >> reporter: here is our sunday lineup on fox 5. geico redskins pregame at 11:30. the cowboys-buck new orleans at 1:00 and the redskins versus the giants at 4:14. -- 4:15. >>> the nfl season began last night with the super bowl champion steelers hosting the tennessee titans. one minute left. the game tied 10-10 and ben roethlisberger with all kinds of time and throws to the middle and heinz ward. the steelers in field-goal range. ward stripped and stumbles away, a perfect opportunity. the titans recover at the four and this game is in overtim
it would be chase daniels, jim zorn chose none of the above. he cut daniel and put daniel on injured reserve. what happened if jason campbell and todd collins go down on sunday? well, that's what happens. wide receiver, antwon randle el will be the quarterback on sunday, which isn't a bad option. randle el was the starting quarterback at indiana and he thrown five touchdowns in the nfl, including one in the super bowl. >> i hate to say it with a smile, but i'm good. >> you no i, i don't wish anything on my boys, but if it happens, i'll be ready to go. >> i love his attitude. from a receiving standpoint, randle el will be in the slot. >>> soccer and six games are left in the season for dc united. the first of those tonight at home against the wizards. united needs to make a run to get into the playoffs. two of their top defenders are out with injury. mack birch is having ankle surgery. move clyde similars who is a mid fielder back to play defense. not ideal. >> i think if 11 guys go out again and do their job and put the work in, you expect three points. anything short of that is
games. jim zorn remembers his first game. >> i remember how fast it was and i remember walking up the line of scrimmage thinking to myself what did i just call? and remembering after snapping the ball. okay. yeah. no, it went well. i scrambled. i scrambled. >> can you imagine getting over the huddle and not remembering what you're called. you can can see the redskins and giants here. the coverage begins with the pregame show live from new york at 11:30. brian. >>> thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here tonight at 10 for news edge at 11. hope to see you then. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪
. >> probably not. it's make or break for jim zorn. i talked about it earlier. if the redskins drop a game to the rams, i believe jim zorn should be fired and given his walking papers. he's not in the long-term plans for this team any way. he might be on the way out any way. he has to win against the ram this is sundayer he should be gone. >> all the redskins have to do is make sure they get to the stadium on time, that's probably what they thought last year. >> and it's not going to happen again. just get to the stadium on time and get out there for kickoff and don't turn the ball over. >> think there was more pressure on cakes because he bet he would have to drive lurch to work every day and for a week, john had to make the hellish commute. i won't get back into a corner for some whacky bet for this game. but this is a ram's team. >> but let's talk about what they have to do. last week one of the big reasons they dominated the game is because they dominated at the time of possession and the redskins weren't able to sustain drives. the redskins have had a problem getting into the end zone
that jim zorn needs to ratchet up the intensity level a bit. michele says nice guys can finish first. tony dungy did and gibbs did. there isn't just one coaching style that works. provided they are good coaches. the redskins problem is the wrong owner. you are far from the first to mention that ownership factor. once again football players immediate to be fired up to play well and i'm saying jim doesn't seem to be getting our team revved up. i could be wrong though. the address is that is our report. i will be back later on tonight with anita brikman. news is always on at you have a great evening. we will see you later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: so what comes to mind when we switched the tv from cable to fios? tv looks like new. much better. awesome. i wrote 'dark magic'... actually, it's the 100% fiber optics that makes the tv look new. i was curious why we're listening to customers? call the verizon center oh. boy. for customers with disabilities seems dumb... at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announce
for the first time in 20 games. jim zorn's job security is questioned. the team's effort on defense is questioned and so is their ability to score and win games. with all of these issues in the forefront can this team pull it together? >> i don't think there is a worry that guys will splinter in this locker room, that guys will separate. we're a close team. the thing that we have to do is keep our enthusiasm up. we have to come back and work hard and you have to say it's still, it's week four. we are fine. we just have to figure out a way to win games right now and keep everybody up. >> the thing we have to redo is group as a team and don't lot let this divide us. this is our big chance to win on the -- what are we going to become now. >> after a dreadful 19-63 season last year a newfound excitent around the wizards this season. the team is healthy including arenas who's been out nearly two years. plus saunders brought his huge play book to washington. today the wizards held media day at the verizon center. the players posed for pictures and spent time talking with us about the upco
prepared to move virginia forward. >>> it's time for 9sports. >> jim zorn hasn't confirmed it yet, but if you read between the lines in terms of the reps he has been getting in practice, it is clear the skins have picked their second starting receiver and it is malcolm kelly. kelly and devon thomas have been battling for the job. but at 227, kelly has been the more physical of the two guys and gives jason campbell that big target that he has been craving. he lost his rookie year to a knee injury. but now he has a chance to change their minds. >> last year getting ready to go into week one, i knew i wasn't going to play, so my mind wasn't in it. that was the biggest thing. i looked at myself and i didn't look at myself because i was worried about my knee. it was a totally different ball game. >> here is something most teams can't say. the skins return to practice tomorrow with all 53 of their players healthy and ready to go. you can hear the coach on >>> ralph and frank beemer and al grow all held the same press conference today, telling their fans and boosters to step
-2 in season openers under their coach jim zorn. they have also lost six of the last seven games against the giants. >>> still to come on 9 news now, roger federerer attempts to equal a historic mark in men's tennis. that story when we come back. >>> plus, sir elton john wants to join the legion of celebrities who have adopted babies. we'll explain just ahead. >>> this is how thousands spent their day in the trick. they took part in a triathlon. they swam, ran and biked throughout the city and this event raises money for blood cancer research. organizers estimate triathletes brought in nearly $2.5 million. that's wonderful. >>> an official in the ukraine says that elton john will not be permitted to adopt a baby boy. the 62-year-old singer announced his intention to adopt a 14-month-old baby from an orphanage this weekend. but officials said that the pop star is too old and also he isn't married. ukraine does not recognize homosexual unions as marriage, and perspective parents older than 45 years old are not permitted to adopt. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish but
which we were hoping had evolved hasn't. the skins dropped seven of their last nine there. jim zorn you can bet will be working on tackling tomorrow. second quarter screen pass. thanks to three missed redskins tackles turns into a 31-yard touchdown for the giants. jason campbell then trying to orchestrate a comeback instead getting worse as the ball is stripped from jason's hand then proceeds to scoop it up and scamper 37 yards for the score. that made it 17-0. skins did make it interesting late as campbell connected with chris cooley on this 17-yard score to get him within 6 but at that point there were less than 2 minutes remaining and never got the ball back afterwards. 23-17 the final. not the start they had been planning for the last eight months. >> felt like we are one play out of it. other offense was getting the ball back. we scored a little too late unfortunately. >> tough. very good football team. anytime you put yourself in the hole like this it makes a difference. >> i think our guys did what we asked them to do coming out and the positive thing is we played hard the whole
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